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A Wake for Lost Time

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A Wake for Lost Time is a non-stop, 24 hour, immersive, interactive and interdisciplinary performance experiment that ritually explores how time passes through bodies. It is a chance to explore and meditate on, not only the loss of time, but on how we know time, and how we, as human beings, are continuously at its ever-evolving mercy.

Built as a two and a half hour performance loop (repeated again and again over 24 hours), A Wake for Lost Time is a performance environment - somewhere between a really good church service, a football game and a really bad party - that envelops the audience participant within a variety of modes of performance: dance, music, clowning, experimental theatre and ritual acts (often of memory, defiance and endurance).

This performance loop, when viewed in isolation, tells one story, but when witnessed in its recurrence begins to speak to itself, evolving (or eroding) alongside the performers over the duration of the piece. When the performance loop can be looped no longer, the wake for lost time begins. But what the wake is, well… in all sincerity... we don't know. It emerges in time.

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Show History

A Wake for Lost Time was created as part of the Elephants in the Room Creation Lab at Theatre Passe Muraille (2014). It has been staged - and often rebuilt - five times since then, each time with a different creative team.

Wake Vancouver 2020 (presented by Pi Theatre) has been postponed until further notice due to COVID-19

Collaborators Include(ed)

Carmel Amit, Jess Byiers, Maïna Béland-Rahm, June Fukumura, Zev Mair, Michaela Mar, and Michael Reinhart

Katzman Contemporary, Toronto (May 2017)

Jess Byiers, Jessie Fraser, Nicole DeAngelis,
Anahita Dehbonhie, Rebecca Hooton, Erin Humphrey,
Naomi Melvin, Michael Reinhart, Christopher Ross, Michela Sisti

SummerWorks, Toronto (Aug 2015)

Donna Marie Baratta, Jess Byiers, Nicole DeAngelis,
Anahita Dehbonhie, Andrew Gaboury, Ximena Huizi,
Hannah Kaya, Monty Martin, Thomas McKechnie,
Michael Reinhart, Christopher Ross

Hub14 Launchpad Residency, Toronto (Oct 2014)

Donna Marie Baratta, Nicole DeAngelis, Jenny Egerdie,
Jenna Harris, Monty Martin, Thomas McKechnie,
Kevin Rees, Michael Reinhart, Katie Sly

DaPoPo's Live-In, Halifax (Oct 2016)

Jess Byiers, Nicole DeAngelis, Andrew Gaboury,
Ailsa Galbreath, Benoit Gravel, Hannah Kaya, Monty Martin,
Thomas McKechnie, Michael Reinhart

The Pearl Co., Hamilton (Jan 2015)

Donna Marie Baratta, Jenny Egerdie, Jenna Harris,
Thomas McKechnie, Kevin Rees,
Michael Reinhart,
Katie Sly


Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto (2014)

Kanika Ambrose, Donna Marie Baratta, Kathleen Goodleaf,
Jenna Harris, Karen Hawes, Thomas McKechnie,
Michael Reinhart, Tanya Rintoul, Moez Surani

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