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2020 made theatre… different, to say the least. [elephants] collective reckoned with the paradigm shift that was the early COVID-19 pandemic by attempting to adapt the theatrical form to the digital space. Or perhaps by creating something entirely new. Amidst growing crises and social change, TELETHON TELETHON was an experiment in digital performance and and an attempt at ongoing community support.

A new show was livestreamed each month from November 2020 to September 2021.

TELETHON TELETHON ran to collect donations for the Anishnawbe Health Foundation and the Aboriginal Front Door Society.

Anishnawbe Health Foundation - $1500.00

Aboriginal Front Door Society - $526.00


Ian Ball

Maïna Béland-Rahm

Z. Mair

Michaela Mar

Michael Reinhart


The Placeholder Group

Hayley D. Mullen

Larysa Musick

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