Theatre is… different now, to say the least. [elephants] collective reckons with the paradigm shift that is 2020 by attempting to adapt the theatrical form to the digital space. Or perhaps by creating something entirely new. Amidst growing crises and social change, TELETHON TELETHON is an experiment in long-term mutual aid.

Livestreaming a brand new show each month, [elephants] will be taking donations during the streams in order to raise a grand total of:


Currently, TELETHON TELETHON is supporting the Anishnawbe Health Foundation for a full year, or until we raise them $10, 000. We will then choose another organization to support.Tune in to our monthly live broadcast (links will be posted the week of) and join us in practicing money redistribution and mutual aid!

Our next show airs SEPTEMBER 27th, 2021!
Catch up on previous shows  here!

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TELETHON TELETHON is performed and created by

Ian Ball, Maïna Béland-Rahm, Zev Mair,
Michaela Mar, and Michael Reinhart.


Past and current collaborators include:
The Placeholder Group
Hayley D. Mullen.
Larysa Musick

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