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a performance interrogation of Realism and a feat of strength

The performance is simple: a group of actors perform Eugene O'Neil's A Long Days Journey into Night in full realist style - performed with a fourth wall, the actors are who they claim to be, there is no audience. Until someone in the audience makes a sound, at which point the lights on stage turn off, a spotlight shines in the area of the audience noise and the performers heave filled kitchen sinks over their heads, keeping them in the air while having casual conversation with the audience. This lasts for a period of time until eventually, the performers return to the play... until the audience makes another sound.

And so A Kitchen Sink Drama goes; a realist play, a feat of strength, a casual conversation, the audience choosing its preference between realism and the real. Until the performers body starts to break down under the sinks.

A Kitchen Sink Drama was produced and performed in 2016 at Buddies in Bad Times as part of the Rhubarb Festival

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