[elephants] collective is an experimental Toronto theatre collective that has been creating together since 2014. The collective has had a range of manifestations over the years, but has always been founded on three values: extensive dramaturgy, rigorous physical training and ongoing inquiry into the range of possibilities available in the performer/audience exchange.

[elephants] has presented work in an array of venues and festivals including Rhubarb, SummerWorks, Toronto Fringe, DaPoPo’s Live-In Festival (Halifax), and through a number of residencies and independent productions.

Founding Members

Donna Marie Baratta
Jenna Harris
Thomas McKechnie
Michael Reinhart

Core Artists

Jesse Byiers
Thomas McKechnie
Nicole DeAngelis
Michael Reinhart


Friends, Collaborators & Past Members

Jenna Harris
Donna Marie Baratta
Moez Surani
Michael Palumbo
Hannah Kaya
Andrew Gaboury
Jennie Egerdie

Kevin Rees
Katie Sly
Kristina Bojanowski
Sofia Rodriguez
Elizabeth Staples
Naomi Melvin
Phoebe Hu

Anahita Dehbonehie
Tanya Rintoul
Zev Mair
Michaela Mar
Maïna Belray
Ximena Huizi
Christopher Ross

Rebecca Hooton
Michela Sisti
Jessie Fraser
Erin Humphrey
Monty Martin
Beniot Gravel
Ailsa Galbreath