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[elephants] collective originated out of an emerging artist creation residency facilitated by Theatre Passe Muraille (The Elephants in the Room Creation Lab, 2013). This initial group was constructed as a gesture towards TPM’s collective roots and provided the selected artists two residencies at the theatre, the second of which resulted in the first draft of A Wake for Lost Time.

Following their time at TPM, artists Donna Marie Baratta, Jenna Harris, Thomas McKechnie and Michael Reinhart decided to embark on a longer project of collective creation, formally announcing their collaboration as [elephants] collective in March 2014.

Since then, [elephants] has seen many manifestations, projects, and events. But certain principles have always remained consistent:

  1. a mandate that experimental performance must express an experiment within the performance. The audience must be accounted for as an essential part of this

  2. commitment to dramaturgical rigor

  3. ongoing physical training

Pictured: Michael Reinhart, Jenna Harris, and Kevin Rees in A Wake for Lost Time

[elephants] has presented work in an array of venues and festivals including Rhubarb, SummerWorks, Toronto Fringe, DaPoPo’s Live-In Festival (Halifax), Katzman Contemporary, Pi Theatre's Provocateurs Series (Vancouver) and through a number of residencies and independent productions.

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