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[elephants] collective originated out of an emerging artist creation residency facilitated by Theatre Passe Muraille (The Elephants in the Room Creation Lab, 2013). This initial group was constructed as a gesture towards TPM’s collective roots and provided the selected artists two residencies at the theatre, the second of which resulted in the first draft of A Wake for Lost Time.

Following their time at TPM, artists Donna Marie Baratta, Jenna Harris, Thomas McKechnie and Michael Reinhart decided to embark on a longer project of collective creation, formally announcing their collaboration as [elephants] collective in March 2014. Since then, [elephants] has seen many manifestations, projects, and events. But certain principles have always remained consistent:

  1. a mandate that experimental performance must express an experiment within the performance. the audience must be accounted for as an essential part of this;

  2. commitment to dramaturgical rigor;

  3. ongoing physical training.

Our current core members are Jenna Harris, Z. Mair, and Michael Reinhart.

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